Distance covered by primulas..


Posted on: January 11, 2009


I have been thinking a lot about birds for a while now… did not realise it but i am fascinated by them… if you come into my home, you will find them everywhere…. wooden birds, metal birds, wax birds, mirror work birds, birds that are toys, bird sharpeners, bird pencils, birds in my paintings, birds in my bathroom, even birds on a duppatta!! – a lot of birds that don’t jump out from the rest of my little things but who are always there and in some way must symbolise something to me.
I tried to think about why i’m taken in by them and here are some possible answers….

– The mystery – i love enigma and in some ways they represent that. I’m unable to fully grasp what their life could be like or how they think and what they do.
– The fact that i can’t simply reach out and touch them, fascinates me. I guess that’s linked to the first point.
– Their colours – i’m mesmerized by the textures. I’ve observed Crow Crow for long stretches of time and not a single one his black feathers is the same shade of black. Pigeon necks – magical in so many ways. And these are the more regular birds.
– Their movements – i’ve seen two eagles soar from great heights and gently spiral down and i’ve been thrilled to see that dance from my window – there’s a grace there that is unique. I especially love how sparrows hop.
– The fact that the sky is their home. Not sure i can articulate this clearly but they’re so above everything else. It’s a mind thing. They live in a place that’s uncluttered in thought and through that have the ability to rise above all that i’m caught up in.
– Their lightness. Thing more than actual weight, its the feeling i get when i see birds in flight. This sense of airiness… not really freedom… but the sense that my feelings alone can make me fly.

Not sure i quite have understood what this means and really there is no reason to think so much either. I like birds and i’ll continue to collect them and bring them into the different corners of my life.


3 Responses to "Birds.."

I love birds too – I just keep doodling them unconsciously 🙂 during lectures, while talking or while thinking. I can’t explain it either.

Some times humans envy birds for the freedom they symbolize. They do not gravitate towards a single corner ‘home’ but explore life and what this world has to offer… many can easily move on water, ground and air. I hope one day we would be able to communicate with each other with a common language too 🙂

that would be so wonderfu, wouldnt it be! in my imagination, I have been given wings, and I talk to them too! :)))

Would have been so lovely if we were be able to break the barriers of the time, space and sensations.

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  • д§mд: love the way you've ended it :) please update :>
  • д§mд: goodness .. do I love this beautiful swinging chair or what :) Lovely snaps ... :) beautiful thoughts to go with 'em :>
  • Zios: It is hard to imagine anyone giving up driving because someone hit his/her car


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