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Sartre and Parveen Shakir

Posted on: December 22, 2008

The French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre was one of the only two persons  who declined to accept the much coveted Nobel Prize. An interesting compilation related to Nobel Prize is available here. Sartre’s long – term companion Simone de Beauvoir was a well-known feminist and philosopher.

Sartre is generally known for his pessimism brought out in his existentialist philosophy. But one of the most romantic quotes I have found is attributed to him – “In Love one and one are one”.This quote reminds me of a beautiful romantic nazm of Parveen Shakir


Dua to jane kaun si thi
Ab jehan me nahi.n
Bas itna yaad hai
Ki do hatheliyaa.n mili hui thi
Jinme ek meri thi,
Aur ek tumhari.

It’s interesting to find a common thread between the pessimistic Sartre & the ever romantic Parveen Shakir.


2 Responses to "Sartre and Parveen Shakir"

Interesting relation 🙂

Parveen shakir was die-hard romantic ~ still you’ll find diverse flavors of romance in her poetry … !

At some point in my life I really liked Sartre when I came to know about him declining the Nobel Prize.
And Parveen Shakir, I think, is the only urdu poetess who has expressed feminine feelings with and view with simple words.


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