Distance covered by primulas..

A sad evening..

Posted on: December 19, 2008

A sad evening

the sky was beautiful
pinkish, purplish, magenta.
foggy, cold and breathtakingly beautiful.
patches of clouds,
looking at each other
with winking eyes.
like kids playing
and suddenly, a lonely bird winged across.
and my heart twitched.

2 Responses to "A sad evening.."

Beautiful picture 🙂

can picture it 🙂

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  • д§mд: love the way you've ended it :) please update :>
  • д§mд: goodness .. do I love this beautiful swinging chair or what :) Lovely snaps ... :) beautiful thoughts to go with 'em :>
  • Zios: It is hard to imagine anyone giving up driving because someone hit his/her car


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