Distance covered by primulas..

and Yes, I said yes I will say YES!

Posted on: November 28, 2008




I just adore this picture of my feet which my cousin took 4 years ago, in Nathiagali Pakistan. It was the coldest day ever, the drizzle, those long walks down the road, that hot coffee cup, we had lived a thousand lives that day. 🙂


and yes i said yes i will Yes”


A part of my personal philosophy is to say a resounding “Yes!” to all things in life that feed my spirit, touch my heart and delight my soul. Although I know how hard and difficult it sometimes could be.


“Beneath every ‘no’ is a passion for yes that has
never been broken.”

I believe saying yes means opening doors and opening my heart to all that life has to offer and more. To being alive and present and hopeful and open to magic and the gift of the unexpected.

I have said yes to freeze in the cold, until my fingers are all blue just so that I dont fall asleep.

I say Yes! to my poetic love.


I have said ‘yes’ to baring my soul in my private journal in
complete honesty.


Writing has always been an integral part of my life since my childhood days. But blogging started all of a sudden. A lot many times I was forced by the people around me to start a blog as they have too much faith in my writing skills but I didn’t agree to them at that time at all.
Yes, I do love writing, but blogging is not an outcome of my love for writing. I do want to kill my time. but not by blogging (my diary is much more convenient for this work and oh I love painting on leafs.) The thing is that I want to share with people, and let the thoughts give wings to fly across the other world.


I have said yes to cake and chai at midnight and staying up the whole night by
myself writing.

To driving in the car listening to music with tears streaming down my face. (living to the point of tears – Camus)


To releasing a gift of love not ready to be accepted.


To buying myself sunflowers (and even writing myself a poem:)


To swimming 🙂 in a lake at night and feeling very mermaid-like.


To jumping my horse when I was terrified and thought
for sure I would die right there and then.


I have said Yes! to leaving people behind that were filled
with unkind and thoughtless energy.


To leaving cookies on a lady’s steps anonymously.


To looking for God and finding him in every small beautiful
thing in this world even a warm grain of sand on a beach and
a homeless persons smile or even my saddest hour.


I have said Yes! to being spontaneous and changing my plans
every moment if I choose – and finding magic everywhere.


I have said yes to letting go of expectations and just being
proud of my efforts and enthusiams.


To feeling angry and hurt and knowing it makes me even kinder and than moving beyond it. (when i was ready)


I have said ‘yes’ to donuts when I was a bit out of shape, and still felt marvelous and pretty:)


I have said yes to smile with my eyes rather smiling with my mouth. I remember when I was little I used to stand infront of the mirror for hours to practice that. How I used to beam with my eyes and keep the rest of my face motionless until it breaks into a warm friendly smile:) loved the idea!

I have said Yes! to loving big and loud and with
a shining heart.

and to let my ee cummings have the last word…

“Imagine that yes is the only living thing.”


7 Responses to "and Yes, I said yes I will say YES!"

yes is the key to step ahead 🙂

welcome to blogging world … u dont have to be a creative writer to blog only … even though you’re 🙂

This post reminds me of the new Jim Carey film; ‘The Yes Man’.

btw nice pic!

Nice start…Yes 🙂
I think the simple word ‘yes’ brings so much energy to you and your surroundings that everything thing appears beautiful…while ‘No’ is all negative energy. I guess many people would have tried it by saying it when when they are alone.

Good luck with your blog. 🙂

Asma: lol Aw, thankyou so much. I’ hope I wont dissappoint you as far as my creativeness is concerned. :)))

Ammar: don’t know about the movie though but thanks for dropping by.

Zios: You’re so right! Life is so much better viewed through rose coloured glasses, besides we always have the choice of how to see a situation, isnt it? :)))

Asad: thankyou:)))

There is another important word in your world: “Finally!”

So, finally you have said Yes … to blogging!

You are gonna go far far ahead with your writing! So keep writing, and keep sharing it with the world. You will be loved and adored like no other.

Oh n btw … I love this piece of writing of yours too. It’s wonderfully carved.

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  • д§mд: love the way you've ended it :) please update :>
  • д§mд: goodness .. do I love this beautiful swinging chair or what :) Lovely snaps ... :) beautiful thoughts to go with 'em :>
  • Zios: It is hard to imagine anyone giving up driving because someone hit his/her car


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